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Audiovisual installation/sculpture. Hanmi Gallery. London, 2013. Curated by Toni Ferrer.

Technology is an ambiguous phenomenon that emerges from an act of observation, exploration, navigation and measurement. What underpins these activities is curiosity, which asks us to find out 'what is this' and 'what is there'. At the beginning of science lies the curiosity, and technology is a discovery and an invention shaped by our curious observations.


This work presents an uncanny nature of technology and observation. A periscopic window attached to the body of the blob-like creature invites the viewer to make a gesture of curiosity - to look inside. What you see inside the periscope is a representation of what you have already seen outside. At the same time, the world inside the periscope shapes what the outside world looks like. The act of observation is an invention of the threshold, where the familiar becomes the unknown and vice versa. Technology thrives on our curious desire to observe, to look into the whole that no one can ever see, leaving us with only a glimpse of strange, distorted shapes.

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