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The Tactile Soundscapes of The Creation - Second Survey

Tactile, visual and sound installation. 'Process Matters' exhibition. Stoke Newington Library Gallery. London, 2013. Curated by Toni Ferrer.

Second work that delves into the physical connection between the tactile, the visual and the sound, our comprehensive perception of all these stimuli, breaking the barrier between these senses.

Every object is a landscape. Every object is a soundscape. The organoleptic destruction of any entity reveals the intimate connection between the sensory attributes of it. This wrecking process shows the inner sounds and properties of any material.

Visitors were invited to place their hands on the table, inside the elements, and to move them violently. They were free to touch them, to break them. The aim was to experience the sensual action of creating and destroying, in a simultaneous process of touching, sounding and watching.


Pictures and video by Inaki Lizarraga

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