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The Tactile Soundscapes of The Creation - I

Tactile, visual and sound installation. 'Sagacity' Exhibition. Forman's Smokehouse Gallery. London, 2011. Curated by Roberto Ekholm.

First work that delves into the physical connection between the tactile, the visual and the sound, our comprehensive perception of all these stimuli, breaking the barrier between these senses.


The sequence of a landscape in progress, moving slowly, primordial, played on a board covered in marble rocks. The fundamental process of creation that invariably occurs with sounds, textures and primary colours intertwined.

Visitors were invited to place their hands on the table, inside the rocks, and to move them violently. They were free to carve valleys, raise mountains. The aim was to experience the sensual action of creating and destroying new features, new landscapes, in a simultaneous process of touching, sounding and watching.

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