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Resonances of Things to Come

Site-specific installation. 'Time Capsules' Exhibition. Spain Now! Festival. The Gallery Soho. London, November 2010.


In a little shed, walls are decorated with various pictures of empty interiors, rabbits and other sheds. The floor is covered with small pieces of broken mirrors, wreckage and debris; grass and gravel. As we walk by, the sound of our steps is recorded and replayed into the room, delayed, disfigured and distorted. At the same time, another altered echo soundscape is played.
The scene is the conjunction of visual, tactile and olfactory feelings with the deformed sound of our presence and the old resonance of others.


The Rabbit Approaching the World

Once upon a time, Hilbert, the little bunny, was having a delightful morning in the countryside. Weather was cool, and a bit cloudy. His white fur was particularly silky that year. He was shivering as the northern breeze was passing against the grain.
As usual, he was staring into the looking glass. He was puzzled by some funny contradictions of perception. Left was right, but up was not down. How could that be? How could the perception of the same object be distorted in some way, but stay constant in the other? That was weird.
Hilbert was starting to trust more his intuitions rather than his senses.


- I'm not sure if I can believe my own perception – he thought.
He was getting very nervous about this matter. His tiny tail was moving rapidly without control. Suddenly, in an unconscious act, it broke the mirror into thousands of pieces.
That strange reality shifter was now spread all over the entrance and the floor of the shed. Millions of small fragments, millions of reflections, alterations and paradoxes. Millions of Universes in the same place at the same time. Hilbert didn't just shatter a piece of glass. He broke time and space. He cracked continuity.

Resonances of Things to Come

He began to feel his own place in a very different way. Every corner he knew suddenly seemed unfamiliar to him. Every unknown threshold was now full of memories.
He felt his presence crossed by other reminiscent presences. He heard his own distorted resonance, his own disfigured echo, above the remanent echoes from the presence of others. The sound of every step over the broken mirror came back in an uncanny way, mixed with its recall and the permanent resonance of other time.
Every single instant was happening at the same time, in the same space. Time was simultaneous. Space was a palimpsest. The air was the time capsule.

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