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Landscapes, Soundscapes & Instants from Another Place

MIxed Media. Galeria Espacio Valverde. Madrid, 2010.

'Landscapes, Soundscapes and Instants from Another Place' is a survey into a different territory. Is the result of the recording of the images and noises of another land.


Instants #044A, #057 & #087C

For the public presentation of this journey, a visual sequence of the landscape and a soundscape was played. Simultaneously, all the walls were covered with boxes containing different instants of the visit. Each box had a small window to look through, but there was no way to see the entire instant.
Just like memories.

A video with the Landscapes and Soundscapes from Another Land.


Instants #021B, #001, #087C, #303, #077 & #714


Instant #087C


The screening of Instants #001 & #901F

The screening of Instant #033A and a view of some Instant Containers

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