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Storytelling I - The Spaces of Hilbert The Rabbit

Video Animation / Music. Cafe Oto. London, September 2016.

'The Spaces of Hilbert The Rabbit' is a short film - audio/visual animation about the idea of narration.

Narrating is the psychological activity of connecting different scenes into one event. The connection is made when our brain detects a spatial/temporal movement between two different places. Projecting our psychological background, we build a sequence from one scene to another, wanting to recognise a pattern, inventing an event. What we are really dealing with here is an expectation of something that has happened or is about to happen. In the pursuit of connection, we cannot stop expecting things to be revealed or things to come, regardless of what actually happens or does not happen. This never-ending expectation of 'towards' is the very nature of narration.

The Spaces of Hilbert the Rabbit

However, this expectation is betrayed when the viewer is intensely exposed to the unknown larger frame that has been cast over all the movements. The narrative is nothing but an accumulation of sequences without end, always on the verge of breaking up into countless elements of the unfathomable.


Stills from The Spaces of Hilbert the Rabbit - Part II, Narration.

This three-part audio-visual work presents a sequence of frames for potential scenarios in a visual and sonic landscape, in which people are invited to engage individually with the psychological process of narration. In this case, the music connects, enhances and sequences all these potential scenarios. It leads us to interpret and expect a group of elements to become an event, or a moment when story and narrative, visual and sound, begin to go hand in hand. Moving with the sequence from one room to another, we become protagonists of a story to come.


Stills from The Spaces of Hilbert the Rabbit - Part II, Narration.


Stills from The Spaces of Hilbert the Rabbit - Part I, Overture.

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