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The Eternal Advent - Part II

Audiovisual Installation. Spain Now! Festival. The Gallery Soho. London, November 2011.

Second part of a series or works based on the idea of hope, desire and expectation. A walk to and end that actually never comes.

The Eternal Advent - Part II

Mystical experiences are one of the most intense ways of space-time distortion. Faith, visions and ecstasy. Transcendent events in the border of consciousness that launch an undefined and blurry landscape to cross.


This immersive video-sound installation dives into a never-ending progression, a never-ending ascension. A psycho-acoustical travel through constant rising. Space limits disappear during our wait, our eternal wait.


Installation notes:

- In a room, at least one of the walls is a rear projection screen. Ideally, four of them, in order to create an immersive environment.

- All the sound system is hidden.

- There's a bench in the middle, like in a waiting room. An eternal waiting room.

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