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The Temple in the Corridor.

Site-Specific sound installation. Zabludowicz Collection. London, 2011.

A site-specific installation in which the acoustic spatial perception of an entire temple is enhanced in just one of its corridors.

A residual space becomes, acoustically, the most important.


Sequence I

This installation was placed in the corridor between the main gallery and the rear gallery of the Zabludowicz Collection in London. The purpose was to create the spatial feeling of being in a huge space inside the narrowness of a passageway.


Sequence II

The soundscape and the acoustical properties of the corridor were distorted in real-time, creating a contradiction between the sound and the visual perception of the environment. The reverberation time of the sound of every step through the corridor was highly boosted, bringing the acoustic delusion of a bigger space.


The sounds of the footsteps were enhanced with the use of different textures. The result was a disfigured sensory experience that involved the visual, the acoustic and the tactile. This operation of distortion of the soundscape in real time involves the modification of the space-time scale. Sound transforms over time and the resulting background conveys the alteration of spatial scale.


Sequence III

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