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Breakdown #1

'Cabinet' Exhibition. Curated by Laura Mantovanini and Toni Ferrer. Islington Arts Factory. London, September 2012.

Breakdown: (...) collapse / the process of decomposing / a failure of a relationship or of communication / the chemical or physical decomposition of something / an analysis or classification of something into its component parts (...)


The visual image of every place and its sounds configure an indivisible unity. One distorts the other. At the same time, they are just part of a bigger sensory structure, different aspects of the same psychological and physiological perception.


There are millions of different ways of understanding and conceiving our environment. Science and arts describe and invent reality through an infinite number of means. Destruction is just one of them.
Like a geologist breaking a rock with a pick to see what's inside, destruction could also be an operation of perception and knowledge.

In this site-specific installation, images and field recordings were used to build a sequence of disfigured instants of the place. The image-sound (space-time) entity is twisted, squeezed, smashed and crushed. Crumpling reality like a piece of paper as an insight process.

Finally, this sequence is projected in the same place where the data was taken.

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