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The Blinking Room - Second Survey

Trajector Art Fair. Brussels, April 2013. Curated by Ken Pratt and Fiona Daly.

Second site-specific work based on the idea of diegetic and non-diegetic sounds (in a film, those sounds whose source is visible on the screen or whose source is assumed to be present in the action of the film). When listening to a certain soundscape while observing a visual scene, our mind tries to reconstruct what is happening. In this reconstruction of what happens or has happened we are not simply trying to discover an external situation. We are projecting our own psychological background onto it.


In this installation we move inside a quick sequence of different scenes. We witness a fast progression of lights and soundscapes that define specific situations. A succession of instants, moments and happenings that actually occurred. Space as the stage of life.

A random sequence of non-diegetic sounds combined with a random sequence of lights. Every combination, layered over the physical room, creates a unique scene, different every time. 

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