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Storytelling - Part II - The many lives of Alexander I

Mixed media. 'Matter' group exhibition. County Hall, London. February 2019.


Alexander follows Aristotle´s distinction between potentiality and actuality.

Alexander doesn't really exist, but it has the potential of existence. It's potentiality will be actualised through any artistic technic. 

Each artistic medium acts as a different language that materializes the abstraction of Alexander in a particular way. The intrinsic properties of each language will give the outcome its unique characteristics.


Every technic will actualise Alexander in a different manner. Using clay, steel, a pencil, digital media, fire, etc., Alexander will be actualised with distinctive properties. 

Scale, time, light, texture, sound, resistance... All the parameters will be defined by the technic. The undefined abstraction becomes real, always different, always unique, depending on the actualisation process.

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