Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf


Rendering the Distorted Presence
St. Jacobs Church. Stockholm. Jan 2010.

Saint Jacobs Church. Stockholm.

Rendering The Distorted Presence

Sound installation based on Henry Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis theory. 'Pendelexperiment' exhibition, curated by Monica Sand.

Social environment has its own rhythms through sound, space and time: its own soundscapes. Sensory events of the city construct the present. And the way to recognise and understand the presence -where we find the rhythm-, is to analyse these stimuli.

By changing the present we create a new presence. By changing the soundscape (time, dislocation, overlaying, pitch distortion, etc.) in a specific place – Saint James´s church in this case- we create a different present inside. We are creating a new presence, with its new rhythms.

Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf 2010