Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf


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Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf, born in Madrid in1975, is an architect and an artist.

After starting his formal music education at a very young age, with piano as his primary instrument, towards the end of the 1990s he began to experiment with sound art and composition, while completing his architecture studies.

From the outset, he has specialized in the field of sensory distortion, creating new environments in pre-existing places by disfiguring them.

His relationship with architecture has led him to work on site-specific installations. There he explores the spatial side of sound, and its interaction with visual and tactile feedback, creating a whole sensual scene.


He is currently continuing to develop his work on soundscapes and the relationship between the different stimuli of our senses, with a focus on spatial perception through sound and synaesthesia.


Where the sound waits for sound to happen.

What's in a sound? Pablo Padilla seems to know it.
His architecture background comes handy, i guess, in order to build up a proportional way of listening to his rational sound buildings. I don't think Padilla´s work falls easily in to the sound landscape tradition but in the constructive development that uses sound as a plan and the moment of sound as a brick. His tricky continuous stream does in essence build up, both in terms of emotional impression and overlapping harmonies, a house not at odds with the assumption of every rational construction primarily needs. Those that understand the nostalgia of melody and the work that any ear will do to find it.
Padilla's sound craft is at the same time complex and unaffected, God bless his soul for that, he hides the deep perspective of his noise interiors in such a natural way that you may as well call it simply music.
The Passion according to Padilla stands alone as the place for the soul, the body and the intelligence, if not in the search of God at least in the search of the more human need for shelter.

Ray Loriga